Boost Your Powers Of Attraction Via Science

Boost Your Powers Of Attraction Via Science

We all know Darwin as the great man behind the theory of evolution, but despite having this feat under his belt, most of us probably wouldn’t rely on him for dating tips. But, guess what? By not doing this we’re actually missing out since dating, mating, and procreating all form part of the evolution process. It’s just how we’re wired.

Sjan Devshi, a probation officer and psychology teacher, purports, “Sexiness is basically the combined effect of characteristics the opposite sex is innately programmed to see as ‘markers’ or ‘signals’ for good genetic fitness and reproduction.”

Darwin’s sexual selection theory expounds on this, and the basic idea is that we are “programmed to look for certain signs (physical and behavioural) in prospective mates that help us discern whether or not they’ll make a good partner…These biological predispositions shape our preferences for a mate irrespective of whether we actually WANT children.”

Due to their different biological make-ups, men and women look for different markers.

Here are some tips to be sexier to the opposite sex.



1. Get in shape (a no-brainer).
One of the best things you can do to make yourself more appealing to the opposite sex is to improve your physique. Although men tend to place a greater emphasis than women on appearance, it’s not the sole consideration.

That said, the way you look isn’t only a clincher for superficial people. It points to good hygiene and personal care – in essence, survival skills, if we look far back enough in history.

But this doesn’t mean women need to be waif-thin or built like runway models. On the contrary, it’s noteworthy that the most famous sex symbols – Beyoncé, Scarlett Johannsson, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, our own Rihanna and the legendary Raquel Welch – all have curves. An hourglass figure is, no surprise, a sign of fertility, so having a little cushioning actually shows you’re healthy.

Of course, we all have different body types, and different people have particular preferences, so take care of yourself, and the rest will follow.

2. Be confident.
Both sexes are attracted to confidence – and for obvious reasons. Men, as hunters and gatherers, view independent women who are quite happy without them as a challenge, which makes them more desirable. Women, on the other hand, deem strong, decisive men sexy because a go-getter attitude was a crucial life or death factor for cave-dwellers.

Even if you feel insecure, you can develop confidence and self-esteem by improving yourself in some way. It could be starting a new fitness regime, as suggested above, or choosing to have positive people who are supportive in your sphere.

If any people in your life denigrate you more than they encourage you, it’s time to re-assess their place. Be sure to strengthen the more positive relationships.

3. Be curious and keep learning.
The key difference between human beings and lower forms of animals is our intelligence. We’re also wired to look for a keen intellect in a partner, since research suggests genetics influence intelligence to some extent. Theories on the establishment of relationships suggest we seek out people who are similar to us, but a bit better.

One way to measure this is intelligence. And there are myriad ways to improve ourselves intellectually – or at least make ourselves appear smarter. We can travel to enhance our cultural appreciation and knowledge, but, more accessible, we can read more to improve our vocabulary and job market prospects.



4. Upgrade your wardrobe.
Our choice of wardrobe says a lot about us, and is one of the indicators of our creativity. A creative mind is another sign of intelligence, and another prerequisite for potential mates. This is one of the reasons artists and celebrities in general tend to be trendsetters. They have a unique, creative style we find appealing. If you haven’t revamped your wardrobe lately, consider doing so.

5. Learn to trust yourself and others.
The ability to trust and allow your partner freedom shows you have a secure attachment – you feel positive about yourself and trust that you won’t be betrayed or abandoned.

Being a control freak, on the other hand, isn’t very endearing. It suggests you’re not open-minded or trusting, and can pose challenges to developing a healthy relationship. If you learn to approach life a bit more graciously, people’s attitudes to you will change greatly. Plus, being easygoing makes you that much more approachable – not to mention, fun, to the opposite sex.

6. Laugh more.
Humour is another critical marker for both sexes, but tends to rate somewhat higher among women. It can be associated with the individual concerned, and is known as conditioning. This is the phenomenon where a person or thing is associated with a particular feeling – in this instance, engendering positive feelings about the person.

These points can make a difference in the dating world and help you stand out in a positive way. So, make the necessary adjustments and watch your romantic horizons expand.

*Rosemarie Layne, who is certified in 2nd Degree Reiki, is a wholistic health advocate and the owner of Rose’s Wellness Hub.

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