Cancer Number Two In Barbados

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) – Health Minister John Boyce says cancer is the second leading cause of death in Barbados.
He said the main cancers of public health concern are prostate, colon, breast and cervix, which account for more than 60 per cent of sickness and death from the disease.
Addressing the Caribbean Association of Oncology and Haemotology Conference, Boyce said that cancer was second to cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death in Barbados.

Fast food as it is typically called is a greasy, cheaply priced, unhealthy model of food conveniently located in our path to and from home. It is packaged in little disposable boxes, bags and cups. We are challenged to stay away from these places because we are in a hurry and we are busy. We rushed to work and now we are rushing home. We made it to the event, the day has ended and now we are on the way to home. The idea of defrosting chicken to then prepare it for a group of already exhausted people is completely out of the question! Some parents have just as many or more extra-curricular activities than children. While good nutrition is desirable, it seems like an ever retreating goal.

So what is one to do? We most definitely do not want to continue the trend of inhaling fast food in the proportions we now are. We also do not want to die early because of non communicable diseases nor do we want our children to continue to be the most obese that they ever have been in history.  Here is one solution I came across to help us bridge the gap.

Scheduled Preparation

Prepare food and snacks for the week at one time. This may take two hours, but when the task is complete, you can rest easy knowing that there is a meal a few minutes away. When I tried it, I let my son decide on some menu choices for the entire week. So at any one time we had the option of rice, lasagna and potatoes for example, and steamed vegetables. I also baked some health breads and cookies at the same time and bottled teas and juices.

Since it is a concerted effort, everyone can participate and have the joy of choosing on any given evening what they would prefer to eat. It also reduces your food bill because all of the ingredients for these specific meals have to be present before you begin hence reducing overstocking. You also avoid the mark up of the fast food restaurant.

You also have healthier choices because you can deliberately avoid high sodium, high sugar foods. It gives you good family time. While the longest item is cooking – usually your meat – you can prepare the other items and get them cooking. Lastly, you purchase reusable containers and parcel out the food, or, as I did, purchase large freezer bags with the portions already separated.

Fresh salads consisting of lettuce, cucumber and the like, may have a shorter shelf life but you can pre-shred your lettuce and coleslaw as well and have them ready to be dressed.

Chances are life will not get any less hectic for some time to come. However we want to be happier and healthier so we can enjoy the life we are always rushing after. So try scheduled preparation and see how it works for you, healthy food can be fast food as well.