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Prophet Janal Browne An Inspiration To Many

Prophet Janal Browne was born in Barbados and at a young age he started ministering to congregations in Barbados and around the Caribbean. His Prophetic walk began when he had a visitation by the holy spirit many years ago and the lord spoke to him concerning Ezekiel 2 & 3 and God gave him the mandate and scroll to go and spread the gospel to the Nations,Prophet Janal Browne has walked with various ministers and has had extensive training in the Prophetic ministry.Prophet Janal Browne has ministered in many miracle healing Services including countries such as Trinidad, St.Lucia, Guyana, and in the USA – Miami, Connecticut, Mansfield Louisiana, Las Vegas and many others, where hundreds have been healed including numerous miracles of blind eyes and deaf ears opened by the power of God in these services.

Stop Being the “Convenient Friend”

Being the convenient friend is hard. It is not something that is easy at any point in life and it often becomes a waiting game. You always wonder why you are not good enough for them. You do everything under the sun to show that you care. Then you watch them do things for everyone else but you and it hurts.

Sometimes you actually have set plans and then they cancel at the last second with a poor excuse because they are feeling too lazy, or found something better to do. Yet, for some reason (which I will get to/explain later), you still cherish the time you have with that person and crave to hang out with them. It seems like they’re having the best time ever with you when you two do hang out and yet, you still feel like you’re put last.

5 Great Ways To Avoid Elderly Care Burnout

Sharon comforts her elderly mother

Sharon’s mother, Marcia, had rheumatoid arthritis for years. Suddenly and unexpectedly, Marcia was disabled by the pain, fatigue and limited mobility that she had feared since her diagnosis.

Sharon convinced her fiercely independent mother that living alone was no longer an option. And Sharon, the eldest of four children, knew that caring for her sick mother fell on her shoulders. Sharon was a legend in the circles of her family, friends and colleagues for her ability to act with grace under pressure.

MIND U…Perinatal Loss

I sat opposite my client looking into her forlorn, grief stricken face. Before I came in I knew her precious baby had passed on (still birth at 8 months) and I had thought of what I was going to say in the first few moments. I had tried to imagine what she was going through and thought that I was horrible for even trying. 15 months earlier, I had brought an angel into the world and she is here…how could I possibly imagine. So I knew before I went in, I couldn’t empathize. The best I could do was sympathize.

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10 Steps To Your Happiness

When I wrote my book, Make Yourself Happy, I dealt with the kinds of issues we all encounter, fear, failure, struggle, relationships, self image, labels that “misdefine” us, attitudes and habits that hold us back, but I also realised that some of what I said in the book could be reduced to 10 steps. If we take these steps, they would contribute to our happiness, or help us create happiness for ourselves.

Liz Thompson

My list is not exhaustive, nor definitive. Others might add to or adapt the list. I actually thought of 15 or 20 steps but here are the 10 I view as important.

(1) Do Not Wait For Anyone Else To Make You Happy – You are responsible for creating your own happiness every day.

We are in the habit of waiting for an event, for people or possessions to make us happy. For example, do you think or say, “I will be happy when I find my soul-mate… When I get the car/house/partner/job/promotion, that I want and deserve… I will be happy when ….” If you make statements like that, two things should strike you. First, that you are delaying your happiness to a future time. Second, that your happiness is being pinned to an item or person who may not be within your control. I became so much more free and happy when I understood that our lasting personal happiness cannot be created by anyone other than us.

Bajans Celebrate Life & Death In Song And Dance

Since Africans have landed here in Barbados we have had funeral traditions that have stood the test of time for decades, even centuries. But our traditions are vastly different from those in other countries and cultures. The video below is of a woman who wanted her memories to be remembered in joy and happiness.

Remembering Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was born on August 29th, 1958, family, friends, the Obit Moments family and artists who have been inspired by the late King of Pop have been remembering him on this date that would have marked his 59th birthday.

It was eight years ago that pop superstar Michael Jackson died at 50 at his home in Los Angeles.

The King of Pop, known for creating timeless music across multiple genres, died on June 25th, 2009, after going into cardiac arrest.

7 Places Every Bajan Woman Wish To Be Romanced

Hey guys we did the research so you don’t have to. We talked to women from across the sweet island of Barbados asking for their thoughts and where would be some ideal places for a romantic date and below are the top seven favourites.

1. Atlantis Submarine

Being underwater with him is like being in another world; it’s no longer a submarine it’s a love boat just for us surrounded by colourful fish and gorgeous life forms, it’s a magical eco system we get to enjoy together and remember – Gina

10 Bajan Foods You Can Cook Everyday

Love cooking? Directly from Bajan cooking groups we bring you some of the most favoured Barbadian foods cooked daily and their recipes.

1. Bajan Chicken Soup

If yuh want uh real bajan soup this the recipe for there is no bajan real old fashion soup with out these ingredients [Recipe]

The Need To Relax

“People feel that something is wrong with them, they complain of pain and fatigue, they are depressed and irritable, they dread life instead of enjoying it, they evade it instead of facing it.”
– Karin Roon, “The New Way to Relax”

We encounter seemingly insoluble problems in day-to-day living. That means tension. It starts out in the form of slight discomfort and fatigue, later it becomes chronic pain and, eventually, can lead to serious illness.


All goes well if a suitable outlet is found to release this energy. It’s when this is taken away that stress, unannounced, invites itself in. It fosters a sense of inferiority, develops a negative mental outlook and inhibits concentration. In extreme cases, it can even lead to delinquency and crime.

Roon in her book says stress “is like a pebble thrown into a quiet pool. The ripples spread until they reach the farthest bank. They not only affect your health and your spirits, your energy and your capacity for joyous living, but they react upon your family and your friends, your co-workers and your community.”

Even though just about everyone at SOME point and to some degree experiences this, certain professions indisputably fall under the high-stress category. People who are always busy – doctors , lawyers, policemen and journalists – will tell you it comes with the territory.

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