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Are Christians Taking Advantage of Other Christians

Christian ServicesAre Christians taking advantage of other Christians in business by expecting a discount? If you are a Christian are you obligated to finding a Christian for products and services? This bold article takes an honest look at Christian business ethics.

Christian Mentoring Team to help you succeed in life

Christian MentoringIt seems like more and more our society is discounting the importance of the role fathers play in their children’s lives. Whether it is the promotion of single parenting or the feminist movement, fathers have lost their status as the foundation of the family. This shift has had tremendous ramifications for today’s youth. Countless studies show that when the Father is absent from the home, children are more likely to live in poverty, have lower self-esteem and perform worse in school. With divorce rates at an all-time high, even 50% in the churches, many fathers have been ushered out of the home. It is no wonder our youth are experiencing a moral crisis today. I know how important my father is in my life. My dad is the glue that holds my family together. He is the pillar of strength and wisdom, the example of unconditional love and zeal for the ways of the Lord. Too often though, even in Christian homes, fathers neglect to be the leaders God requires of them.

Calling Yourself a Christian

Calling Yourself a ChristianHaving found Jesus is a beautiful thing.Your life seems to have meaning. You’ve seem to have found something that brings you great joy and happiness. Your loneliness and emptiness have disappeared. Praise the Lord.

10 Steps to Christian Success

10 Steps to Christian Success1) Spend time with Jesus Christ every single day. I cannot stress that enough for the success minded Christian. So often we spend our time working on things that have no bearing on our future christian success (nor any current success value) because we haven’t taken the time to focus and understand what Jesus Christ wants for our lives and our success.

4 Steps to Christian Inspiration

Many times we study how to do things faster and better but we skip the essential step of inspiration. When we are inspired by the Holy Spirit we have a wealth of ability with which to work. When we are empowered by Christian inspiration we “can do all things through Christ which strengthen us” (Phil. 4:13, KJV). We read in Job: “But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.” (Job 32:8, KJV)