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He Loved Corn Beef In Anyway You Gave It To Him

Frank Lacey was born on the 25th October 1934 in this lovely Caribbean island Barbados. He was father of five children which includes myself Linnelle, and grandfather of many.

Daddy was a bubbly, energetic, cool and quiet man. He enjoyed making a lot of sport and loved to put a smile on your face. He was a very talkative person, always asking questions or telling a story. Most of these stories were about himself as a small boy playing cricket and getting licks. One person he would always talk about is his deceased mother ‘Ma’. He really loved and missed her, as gran was a sweetheart.

She Was A Very Quiet, Kind Hearted, Loving And Caring Person

On August 3rd 1932, God sent an angel into this world by the name of Latchmin Ramtohul and took her home on February 19th 2017 at the age of 84. She was born in Guyana but later in her young days moved to Barbados for a better life. Just to name a few family members… she was the mother of Baby, Galo, Vernon… grandmother of my mother Teresa, Annie, Ann, Lulu and great grandmother of myself Vijay, my sister Raveena, my brother Ajay, Abdullah, Mubarak, Aabidah, Ameena, Asma, Alex, Andrea, Jazeera, Antonio.

I Was From Guyana – He Was From Barbados And That Was The Least Of Our Differences

It is difficult when you lose someone you love, a person you spent so many days with. There is a strange emptiness, a void, this person used to fill. The house is quieter; you find yourself becoming quieter too.

 These were the sentiments of Althea McClean who lost her husband of ten years, Mack McClean to lupus.  When asked to describe her late husband, she stops to collect herself. It is difficult for her to summarize the totality of what he was to her.  

A Man With A Hearty Laugh And Generous Spirit

Ricardo Clyde Johnson was known simply as ‘Clyde’ to those around him. A man with a hearty laugh and generous spirit was the character that went along with that name. In 2016, those around him took a hard losing not only a father, a step- father, a husband but also a true friend.

Cylde Johnson was born on July 11th in the year 1959. Raised in a poor family he did not have the quintessential or easy upbringing. Those who surrounded him, and were loved by him could easily recite the many hardships he experienced in his upbringing. Despite the challenges of his early life however, Clyde turned things around for himself. He made it his life’s mission to always care for his family which comprised of his wife, his step- daughter, step- son and son.

Mum Was Our Rock, Provider, Chef, Confidant And Protector

We celebrate the life of Violet Vastine Kirton – Cheeseman, who was known by her friends and neighbours as Velda; and more intimately by her family as Mom, Sister, Aunt and Gran.

Mum was light hearted and warm. She loved to laugh and play jokes on her friends. As a child into becoming an adult, she could be seen laughing and smiling which warmed the hearts of others. Her light heartedness was also seen in her love for dancing. She loved to dance, and more so often with her niece. Her favourite song was no match for her movements!

Dad Was A Good Speaker, Adviser And Loved A Joke

Ethelbert Whitfield Eversley was born on November 30, 1937 in Newbury St. George to the late Inez Reid . Dad later moved to Belair St. George in 1976 with his companion Marlene. They had been together for 45 years and were married on December 24, 1987. Dad was a ladies man and produced 11 beautiful children in which he had a special bond with. There were 4 boys…. the late St. Clair, Ricky (me), Patrick and Whitefield and 7 girls Isolene, Delcina, Marcia, Marguerita, Margo, Nicole and Ann-Marie. He was also an adoptive father to Simone Hall and stepfather to Henderson and Gordon. Dad had eight siblings Whitefield, Eustace, Elmina, Ruth, Maradelle, Ernestine, Vergene and Veda.

Her Grandchildren Were Like Gold To Her

My mother Coraline Maynard was born on the 26th March 1947 and passed away on the 15th April 2012. She was such a friendly heart-warming person. Everyone she met fell in love with her. She was the mother of two daughters, one son and grandmother of three girls and two boys. I am the youngest of her children.

She could not know you and end up forming a conversation, later to find out you were some family. She was a very sporty person always having a good laugh, but at times could be very serious.

I Want To Be Buried In My Favourite Hat

Olga Rogers was the only living child of her mother Winifred Jordan when she passed away almost a year ago. “Tenacious’ was the word she said best described her 85-year-old mother.

Her daughter recalls her affectionately as a woman who being a double amputee, and wheel-chair bound always kept herself and those around her in bright spirit. It was a testament of her character.

I Still Cry Because He Was Such A Great Father

Stephen Weatherhead

So many years filled with laughter and fun. He made the family so happy, in fact he was happiness. He kept his family together. Stephen Weatherhead was such a kind-hearted and caring person that everyone he knew or met loved him.

Brought into the world on the 22nd of October 1958 and made his journey to heaven on the 30th of September 2010.

In Memory of Krystal Padmore

In January of this year (2016) I did what I always do every year. Set a few goals; create some objectives and strategies to achieve those goals. Additionally, I always look for a theme song for the year to motivate me for the coming 52 weeks. This year I chose “Brave” by Sara Bareilles. I then proceeded to tweet the artist to let her know I believe the song represents a movement. I did not know that my brave would be tested to its maximum until October 4, 2016 when I received news that my daughter had passed away in her sleep in New York.

My daughter died from complications associated with alcoholism and was subject to relationships that can only be classified as driven by domestic violence in some cases. I did everything I could to help her overcome her challenges but when a child is an adult you have to comply with their wishes no matter the consequences to them. The long and horrid journey associated with dependency had destroyed her body and ravaged her spirit. I purchased a ticket for her to leave NY to travel to Atlanta and stay with me so that I could care for her but she never woke up to catch the plane. The phone rang and all I remember was a voice saying “Aubry. . .she is gone. . .Krystal is gone!”

For the first time in my life I was completely numb and void of natural feeling; only confusion and hurt permeated my mind and spirit. I had to refocus quickly and go take care of my daughters’ remains holding back tears and anger.  I hurriedly booked a flight to New York and was frustrated because I attempted to board two flights and missed both because of wrong information from airline. Placed on a plane to Midway (Chicago) en-route to NY I discovered upon arrival no ticket was booked for me to New York. I knew then, that I was being challenged to reach my daughter in New York. I recognized that someone was testing my toughness. I remained calm. I was sensitive feeling the thoughts of people and things around me as I never did before. A sense of heightened emotion encompassed me. I surrendered to the peace and calm in the midst of this storm so I would not blow up.

Thanks to the professionalism of the Southwest supervisor in Chicago I was placed on a flight after she reviewed the error was facilitated in Atlanta. I was now on my way to New York where I went directly to the morgue and identified the body and started proceedings for a memorial service after ordering a full autopsy.

Today, I am in Barbados to recuperate and also create a foundation in memory of my daughter and for young women and men who struggled with the issues that caused my daughters passing.  The trip is also a bucket list item for Krystal who wanted to visit Barbados again to engage her Caribbean heritage. I have met with several women organizations while on Island as I chart a course for the establishment of The Krystal Padmore Foundation and partnership with these local organizations with a global reach.