Gone Too Soon – The Loss Of A Child


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When someone loses their child, the pain which is felt is actually overwhelming. The majority of intense emotional expressions of grief are normally witnessed – shock, confusion, denial and obviously disbelief. Make sure to follow Obit Moments Barbados to stay in touch as we go deeper.

All of these feelings actually work as cushions to somewhat lessen the impact of this devastating grief. With the passage of time, these emotions may start fading but the intense feelings of attachment to the lost child never goes away. At times, these feelings turn into anger, loneliness, regret, sadness and despair. It is a very tough stage for any parent and expressing the grief for the child is very hard; however, it is a fact that all these feelings are actually natural for anyone who loses a child.

Every parent who has lost a child expresses this grief in their own way and normally it is very hard for anyone of them to explain how it feels when their child is not in front of them. Although, while some parents can easily express their grief others keep their feelings locked inside. Some of them even want to seek some guidance in order to lessen this grief somehow since this is the utmost devastating experience any parent could come across. When a part of you is lost, the pain is actually overwhelming.

Some grieving parents even start wondering if life holds any meaning for them after the loss of their child; they wonder how they would be able to survive their whole life with this pain. This feeling can so overpowering that it actually seems like a hole in the parent’s heart which can never be mended. No parent expects to see their child die before them. They feel very depress at this time and even comforting words are less likely to make them feel alive. There could be many sympathetic friends and relatives around on the occasion of death, but no one would be dearer than the lost child; no sound would be more soothing than the voice of the lost child.

1386090510_counseling_centerSometimes the bereaved parents feel guilt for having missed beautiful times with their lost child. They mostly wonder if they had done something their lost child had demanded if it might give them some relief. This is the time when bereaved parents need to be open and speak their heart out to someone; if they do not, this may affect them psychologically. This attitude may also affect their other children who could actually be assets to their grieving process.

In addition the emotional ways grief manifest itself, there are also physical reactions Bereaved parents may not eat properly nor may not get proper sleep as the body goes through a tough period of stress. Consequently, lack of proper nutrition and sleep could result in unhealthy weight loss or the development of other serious health problems. Some parents also separate themselves from rest of the family; they prefer to isolate themselves. This can actually be very painful for the whole family. But there is help, encourage them to seek counseling from any of the social workers at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital or call them on (246) 436-6450, it’s free.

It has also been observed that when a child dies, parents then make decisions which have a huge impact on them and their family members’ future. They may quit their job at times or change their jobs often; change homes in order to make the grief or guilty feeling lessen even though this may not always work. All of these decisions are due to huge psychological stress which body experiences as a result of this big loss. Children are the most precious gift from the Almighty for any parent. Loss of a child is indeed a stress for not only the parents but also for the whole family


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