Her Grandchildren Were Like Gold To Her

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My mother Coraline Maynard was born on the 26th March 1947 and passed away on the 15th April 2012. She was such a friendly heart-warming person. Everyone she met fell in love with her. She was the mother of two daughters, one son and grandmother of three girls and two boys. I am the youngest of her children.

She could not know you and end up forming a conversation, later to find out you were some family. She was a very sporty person always having a good laugh, but at times could be very serious.


Any advice you wanted, you could get it from her. She was always a great listener and there to help. Mummy was the type of person that would give you her very last…she was very kind-hearted and caring. She was a woman of God and always encouraged us to do the best we could.

“One thing for sure I could never forget is her food which was everything!”

Her grandchildren were like gold to her. They came before my siblings and I. She spoiled them so much to the point she never told them no. If she did say no in the presence of us parents it would be to fool us because as soon as our backs were turned it was a yes for them! She loved interacting with them. Oh how she loved them so much! She loved to learn new things from them to keep herself occupied as she grew older.

Coraline Maynard

Back in her young days she worked very hard to support my sister, brother and I as she played the roles of both mother and father for a good time. From working in the fields, to becoming a nurse then to a care-giver in her late 50’s. The woman could’ve never sit down and keep quiet. She always had something to do. My daughter’s, nephew and I every Saturday would spend the day with her. You would be knocking and calling for her at the door and would get no answer. You could’ve only hear the television on. When you open the door yourself and look around you would realize she wasn’t in the house. The only obvious place to expect where she was, was the garden which we use to call ‘the ground’ because it was very big.

One thing for sure I could never forget is her food which was everything! The woman could’ve cook like a boss, but it was her baking that stunned us the most. Favorites for me were her cassava pone, sweet bread and black cake. Some sweet bajan treats!

She loved to enjoy herself I must say. Mummy would never stay home. It’s only during the weekend she would be home and at church. She always use to keep up to date with dressing as she got older. She felt she was the youngest person. She loved to travel as well, but England was her number one place to go as my brother who is the eldest of us children lives there with his wife and children.

I never heard her complain of feeling sick. To all of us she was a very strong woman. She would call each of us on a day to day basis, but one evening she didn’t. The thought was maybe she had gone out or was just very busy, but the next day she still didn’t call. We called and called but the phone just kept ringing. I ended up at her house during the night because something didn’t feel right. The house was in total darkness and was locked down tight. I got police to come over to help me get inside the house, but when I actually did I walked to her room and saw her lying dead. It was just too tough and too much to handle. My sister came over as soon as she heard, called our brother and we broke down. She never complained to feeling ill to us, I guess she didn’t want us to worry which is heart-breaking.

We all miss her so very much, it’s still hard to believe she’s gone as she was always there. Such a wonderful mother she was. She really did a great job raising us and made her days worthwhile they lasted.

R.I.P Young Girl!

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