Losing A Child Is One Of The Most Painful Experiences

My name is June Boyce I am forty-one years old. I am a mother of four children and my youngest son passed away. I work at JG’s Wholesale and I live in the Ivy St. Michael. My son’s name was Joshua Boyce I gave birth to him on December 22nd 2010. He was two years old at the time of his passing. He passed away on May 3rd and was buried on May 15th 2013.


It was car accident that took him from me. I was told that there was an altercation between my neighbours. A father and son got into an argument and the son got into the car and attempted to drive off and in the heat of the moment the car pinned my son onto the wall of his grandmother’s house. He was taken to the hospital where he passed away.

June Boyce

 There are so many memories of Joshua. I remember the first time I held him in my arms and the day I lost him. My son was an energetic boy and a mischievous one at that he enjoyed playing with his friends and throwing stones. I remember having to wrestle with him when he had to take a bath and also when it was time for him to stop breast-feeding. He loved eating bakes and Chefette, I could always find him somewhere in the house hiding out eating bakes. Joshua made me laugh and smile every day, with him there was never a dull moment, he always kept me going. He was a Daddy’s boy everywhere his father went Joshua wanted to go. Those two were inseparable they did everything together.

Losing a child is one of the most painful experiences I have ever had in my entire life and I would never want to go through this pain again. I feel empty, like there is an empty space inside my heart, up to this day I still cry myself to sleep because I miss him so much.

My name is Trevor Devonish I’m thirty- seven years old and I’m self-employed I enjoy going to the beach and playing football these were some of the things I used to do with my son Joshua. Joshua passed away due to an accident. It was very devastating for me, his mother and our families. We were not present at the time that the accident happened.

June was at work and I had recently left home it wasn’t ten minute before I got a call from a family member a call I wish on no other family, telling me that something had happen and I needed to come back home now. I remember having to call my family and explaining to them what had happened which was very hard. My mother and my sisters were there with me at the hospital and they helped me through a very difficult time. Losing a child is a very sad and painful experience. There were so many sleepless night. I remember laying awake at night as I listened to the clock ticking as the minutes went by and hearing the sound of every vehicle that passed by the window outside the house.

Trevor Devonish

Joshua was a very intelligent and sweet boy. We did so much together he loved sports just as much as I do we had a special bond. He was very energetic and once he had a football he would run up and down the playing field all night when he came to my football matches. Whenever he heard a calypso song he would start dancing he loved to ‘wuk up’. Whenever cartoons were on he would be glued to the television. He was very smart with words for a two year old he had ‘nuff mout’ he was never shy when it came to his feelings and he liked making people miserable till he got things to go his way.

Every year on Joshua’s birthday our families visit his grave. We take flowers and balloons and so on and we celebrate his life and all the joy he brought us. We still remember him and talk about him all the time. He will be missed forever in our hearts. Though his life was cut short here on earth, he had an impact on all our lives in a special way. He brought so much happiness to us and our families and that can never be replaced or forgotten.


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