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Frank Marshall

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Frank Marshall
Born 3rd November, 1945, the fourth of nine children, and first son, of the late Stanley O’Neal Marshall and Lois Marshall (née Foster). Both parents were teachers, his mother resigning earlier to take care of the family and his father having reached the position of senior teacher, before his death at age 55 years.
Sunrise: Saturday, November 3rd, 1945
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FRANK was educated at St. Bernard’s Primary School 1950-56; Combermere School 1956-58 and Harrison College 1958-63. He worked for two years in the Civil Service before resigning to enter Codrington College in November 1965 until 1969 to prepare for the Ordained Ministry. He pursued further studies at the University of the West Indies. He holds the Licentiate in Theology, the Bachelor of Arts, and the Master of Arts (History), and the Executive Diploma in (Human Resource) Management, through the Centre for Management Development and accredited by the University of the West Indies. Other courses undertaken have been a 2-week workshop in August 1990 at General Theological Seminary, New York, and sponsored by the Parish Development Institute, and a course in HIV-AIDS education and Counselling in 2003. He undertook the Doctor of Ministry Program (D. Min.) in Congregational Development with the Seabury Institute at the Seabury-Western Seminary in Evanston, Illinois, and graduated in 2007.

FRANK was ordained deacon on the Feast of St. James, Gt., 25th July 1969 and elevated to priesthood on the same date a year later 1970. He was assigned to St. Peter’s Parish Church, as Assistant Curate to the late Fr. Fitzroy Pestaina (subsequently Dean of Antigua), August 1969-July 1971, and to Christ Church Parish Church as Assistant Curate to the late Canon Irwin Johnson, August 1971 to September 1972.

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FRANK was appointed Rector of the Church of St. Matthew and the Resurrection, October 1972-October 1974; Rector of the Church of Stephen, November 1974- October 1995, and Rector of St. Mary’s Church, November 1995 to December 2004. He was appointed the Dean and Rector of the Cathedral Church of St. Michael & All Angels with effect from January 1, 2005, retiring from the statutory employment of the Diocese at the end of November 2016, having attained the age of seventy.

FRANK served also as Editor of the Barbados Churchman 1973 to 1974. He was Chaplain to the Bishop of Barbados, the Rt. Rev. Drexel Gomez, September 1990 to December 1992, during which period he was also an Honorary Canon until he acceded to the Stall of St. Aidan on the Cathedral Chapter and to the position of Rural Dean of the St. Michael’s Rural Deanery from October 1993, which positions were held concurrently until 31st December 2004, following which he was promoted to the Deanship. He performed the role of Vicar General of the Diocese (during absences of the Bishop from the diocese) from the enthronement of the current bishop in 2000 until 2012.

Ministry as Layman and Beyond


Frank Bert Hamilton Harcourt Marshall – Right


FRANK has been an Anglican consistently, throughout his life. Baptised at St. Joseph’s Parish Church, he attended Church and Sunday School as a member of the Parish of St. Anne-St. Bernard.

He was confirmed in December 1958, became a Sunday School teacher in February 1959, and participated also as an Altar Server.

In the Parish of St. Anne and St. Bernard, as a teen-ager, FRANK was afforded the opportunity by Canon Lloyd Clarke, the rector, to officiate in the conduct of Evensong and addresses to the congregation before entering Codrington College, and also served as a member of the Parochial Church Council 1964-65. He played a leading role in the 1964 Diocesan Stewardship Campaign as an area leader, coordinating aspects of that programme across a number of districts, and was thrilled to contribute his energies to the 2-week long preparation of the seating and altars for the historic Great Service which was held on September 6, 1964 in the open at the Garrison Savannah for 25,000 congregants.

He was a member of the St. Anne’s Church Lads’ Brigade, and was in fact responsible for the revival of that company in 1962 which he served as Sargeant and later as Sargeant Major. He became the Battalion Sargeant Major for the 2nd Battalion within the St. John Deanery. As a priest he continued to build and serve the Brigade, establishing companies at the Churches of St. Christopher (1972) and St. Matthew and the Resurrection (1974). He was elevated to the principal command – Regimental Colonel of the Church Lads’ Brigade island-wide 1975-83, and later filled the role of Regimental Chaplain from 1983-1997.

Building Bridges

FRANK has always demonstrated a keen interest in the affairs of the Church, a strong sense of loyalty and a commitment to resolve issues and promote the good of the Church. It was he who took the initiative in 1978, nine years in the ministry, to call Clergy together to discuss concerns which were a source of burden following the resignation of two officers of the Synod in protest of the method of establishment of and appointment to the post of Canon Residentiary.

His objective was to have concerns carefully identified and brought to the Bishop in the effort to effect some better understanding and harmonisation of relationships in the ranks of the clergy. Similarly in 1982 he took the initiative to call and host a meeting of Clergy in the wake of the Dean/Archdeacon (Crichlow/Cayless) conflict; again in the hope of having problems examined and resolution reached.

Again his interest in fostering better relations among Clergy was demonstrated in 1988/89 when he initiated the Clergy Fellowship day, speaking to every clergyman personally, about the concept, and having the faithful of St. Stephen’s Church participate in hosting the first two annual Clergy Fellowship Days and encouraging others in building camaraderie. His interest in diocesan life was further manifested in his initiating of the first diocesan fund raising effort, the Diocesan Bazaar and Tea Garden at Bishop’s Court in 1990.

Generally, FRANK has had a strong sense of community, and has supported various institutions in society.


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