Remembering Angela Crawford JP

angela crawfordTribute for mum

Mum was the epitome of a loving, hardworking, strict and a no nonsense woman all wrapped up in on- a woman who always gave of her utmost best.

She would tell you like it is without any reservation, but underneath all of that, mum was a loving and caring person.

Many often took advantage of her kind-hearted, genuine persona but mum would always rise above the circumstance and give and do her best.

I recall clearly times at the bar that strangers would come and ask her for food and she would always give them with hesitation and say “it’s only food, you ain’t know what um is to be hungry”. Mum always told me “there are people out there who would try to get at me and they would try to use you keep your circle small and know who you can trust”.

Those words hit home when she passed cause who you thought were friends turned out to be foes.

Mum you are in a better place and only God knows why he has taken you from dad and I. I will always love you and by the grace of God I’ll keep your Legacy going.

Love always Julia.

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To my loving wife

The first time I saw you I know that you would have been my wife.

As a young boy I remember working and you would position yourself to see me on the bus and when you pass you would always shake and smile.

Courting you as a young lady was a task until that day I asked your mum “ma” for you hand in marriage and 49 years later you are still the love of my life.

Not in a million years I would ever thought that I would lose you so soon I thank you for being my wife for giving me a wonderful daughter and being my number one support system for all these years.

There are so many things I want to tell you in person but I know from heaven you would hear.

Loving and missing you everyday Lawson.



Tribute from Dr Kenneth S George, Chief Medical Officer (Ag)

It is with saddened heart that I offer this tribute to Angela Crawford, a colleague and mentor but most of all a friend. Our friendship spanned a decade in which I admired Angela for her dedication and commitment to advancing health care in Barbados.

The memorable times of laughter and fun we had was not only confined to the workplace but at her beloved Fred’s Bar in Oistins. Angela taught me compassion, humbleness and humanity bringing her years of service and experience as a Public Health Nurse to the Ministry of Health and Wellness while carrying out her daily duties.

Her commitment to the development of elderly care services, community public health nursing and quality controls in health cannot be replaced.

I remember fondly that the lunch room ‘posse’ would frequently visit Fred’s Bar to unwind after a long week and Angela when in the mood would sing karaoke for us.

Additionally I was fortunate to have sampled, on several occasions, her delicious curry goat and jerk pork. These are the fond memories I will always cherish.

To Lawson, Julia and her immediate family I extend my deepest sympathies and on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Wellness I urge you to stay strong and live in the comfort that Angela was a great woman who will be forever and fondly missed.

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Angela Crawford receiving the 2005 Premier’s Awards for Graduates of Ontario’s Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology
To Lawson, Julia and the rest of the family, I express my deepest sympathy at the loss of a wife, mother, sister, aunt and others. I was shocked to learn of her passing after she had assured me some days before her death that she was leaving hospital and going home because she was being discharged that day.
I met Angela many years ago when she represented the Barbados Nurses Association as its President in negotiations with Government for salaries and better conditions of work. I sat on the other side of the table as Government’s chief negotiator. It was a distinct pleasure to work with her.
She was never confrontational and always conducted negotiations with great dignity and respect.
She was passionate and convincing in advancing her case for better conditions for Nurses in Barbados, but unfortunately, her case had to compete with that of Police and other emergency services. In every respect, Angela left a lasting impression on you.
Some years later, Angela adopted me as her Mentor and declared it publicly, but I am sure that I learnt more from Angela than she from me. She would consult me on all professional matters, her career in the Public Service, her promotion or lack of promotion in the Civil Service, her secondment to PAHO.
I was happy to be her mentor since she was a person the greatest integrity, wisdom and experience. When I perused her CV, I was deeply impressed with what she had achieved and what she was capable of contributing.
She worked hard and diligently whether it was in her assigned task in Government or at the Bar in Oistins that she was so committed to. In all this, Angela was quite unassuming and when she spoke, she did so with such confidence that one could only applaud.
At all times, I found her a very caring person. She cared for people generally, her family, her mother, her daughter and her husband. She was a born professional; she was always courteous and she has left an indelible mark on those who knew her.
I shall miss her kindness, her dignity, her faithfulness. May she rest in peace and may her labours not have been in vain.