St. George’s Home For Funerals

At the Syd Jones Funeral Home, we want to provide you with information about our services and facilities so that you have a complete understanding as to what we can offer you. Whether you are considering an earth burial or cremation, a traditional funeral ceremony or memorial service, there are many options available.

Our funeral directors are dedicated, compassionate and understanding. We are committed to serving each family individually and to providing the services to acknowledge the life of a loved one.

The establishment is purposeful affixed to be parochial because of the vision of its management. It is wished-for that as each parish community interrelates with the Home for Funerals concept, the establishments by extension will be better able to extend a measure of social responsibility in the community. We believe that within a reasonable period of operation, the establishments could clearly demonstrate its intentions:

· By merging with other business partners in the community to create an affordable and sustainable social support plan for the community.

· By identifying persons with the operational skills and networking in the community to assist in social activities (Sports, debates, talent programs, etc.)

· By seeking, setting goals and developing plans for the implementation of said social activities.

· By promoting and helping to provide the resources which may be limited on the implication of this program. However, as the vision catches on we would be better able to improve the well-being of the community.

· Each Home for Funerals Pledges:

· To provide an administrative staff that is infused with empathy and agape love.

· To be 100 % committed to the families who call upon us in their time of need.

· To set the precedent of implementing a process of continued care that is designed to fulfill the needs and exceed the expectations of the families we serve.

· To be a unified associate of the community.

· To be an important part of the healing process.

· To provide and sell products and services at realistic prices.

Contemporary Funeral Service perspectives:

A funeral doesn’t necessarily have to conform to tradition and “what my family always did . . .” but it should reflect their wants and needs. It should reflect the life of the deceased and it should provide healing to those left to deal with the loss. Every family and every situation is different. We believe in giving you what you want, and are morally open to any idea, no matter how different you may think it is. After thirty-four years in the business, we may welcome a surprise. The Home for Funerals Concept may be thought of as a revolutionary enterprise. Analytically, But it is nothing new, just a visitation of ‘good old time’ traditions that worked well, repackaged to suit our times.

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