The Need To Relax

“People feel that something is wrong with them, they complain of pain and fatigue, they are depressed and irritable, they dread life instead of enjoying it, they evade it instead of facing it.”
– Karin Roon, “The New Way to Relax”

We encounter seemingly insoluble problems in day-to-day living. That means tension. It starts out in the form of slight discomfort and fatigue, later it becomes chronic pain and, eventually, can lead to serious illness.


All goes well if a suitable outlet is found to release this energy. It’s when this is taken away that stress, unannounced, invites itself in. It fosters a sense of inferiority, develops a negative mental outlook and inhibits concentration. In extreme cases, it can even lead to delinquency and crime.

Roon in her book says stress “is like a pebble thrown into a quiet pool. The ripples spread until they reach the farthest bank. They not only affect your health and your spirits, your energy and your capacity for joyous living, but they react upon your family and your friends, your co-workers and your community.”

Even though just about everyone at SOME point and to some degree experiences this, certain professions indisputably fall under the high-stress category. People who are always busy – doctors , lawyers, policemen and journalists – will tell you it comes with the territory.

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