What Does a Funeral Home Do?

Depending upon the wishes of the family and their specific needs concerning the death of their loved one, we have many directors here in Barbados and there are many activities our funeral home will take care of, from the time we are first called until the chosen services are concluded. No situation is exactly the same, but the following list is a brief summary of things a family should know about the services a funeral home (the funeral director and his staff) performs upon a person’s death.


The funeral home will. . .

Be on call to serve families when a death occurs, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Remove and transfer the deceased from the place of death (home, nursing home, hospital, etc.) to the funeral home; will also transport deceased to and from crematory if necessary.

Perform professional care of the the deceased, as requested by the family, which may include washing, embalming, restorative art, dressing, casketing, hairdressing and cosmetology.

Arrange a consultation with the family to gather information necessary for completing paperwork (certificate of death, etc.) and to arrange the details of the funeral service.

Formulate, complete and file of all necessary paperwork, including certificates of death, or other permits and authorizations; acquire a requested amount of certified copies of the certificate of death for the family.

Compose, with the provided information, an obituary – including service information, biographical information and survivor information – and send to all the places where the obituary is to appear requested by the family.

Offer assistance to the family by contacting the family’s choice of clergy, other officiants, musicians and singers if requested, and will make arrangements with any special groups (military, fraternal, etc.) to be present at/participate in funeral services; will arrange for honorariums to be given to appropriate persons as requested by the family.

Contact and arrange necessary details with the cemetery, crematory or other place of disposition, inquiring about fees, regulations and other requirements prior to funeral services.


Help families with questions about business and work affairs, social benefits, insurance claims and other related inquiries.

Provide memorial products, which may include a register book, acknowledgement cards, thank-you cards, memorial folders, prayer cards and Memorial Tribute DVDs, as requested by the family.

Help families by arranging flowers, framed photos, photo collages and other memorial pieces in chapel during services and/or visitation; insure care of and return to family after the services.

Direct the chosen funeral services in a professional manner, from visitation, to funeral service, to processional (if necessary), to disposition of remains (burial, cremation, etc.).

Deliver, at the conclusion of the service, flowers, register book, flower cards, memorial contributions made to the family, photos that were displayed, Memorial Tribute DVD and any other items back to the family

Assist the family with other funeral arrangements that are needed after the service, including death dates added to existing monuments or purchase of new monuments.

Lookout for our funeral homes directory on this website soon.

Update: September 11th, 2017 – Barbados Funeral Homes & Services.