Who Makes You Happy?

When you go into a relationship or when we the marry someone it’s because they bring us so much happiness, they bring so much joy into our lives.
When we fall in love every other kind of happiness we’ve ever experienced might feel small in comparison so much so that we settle on this one thought: “this person make me happy’’ but that’s not true!
You made yourself happy. You made the choice to allow yourself to open up to someone incredible. You made the decision to commit to some whom you feel extremely connected to.
You made the choice to hang in there even when the person has hurt you, nobody can make us happy. We have been the one who has brought happiness into our own lives.
If you’re feeling happy because you have great friends it’s because you have chosen to surround yourself with genuine, generous and loving people, if you’re feeling happy because you have a great family it’s because you have chosen to be consciously grateful for them.

Similarly NO ONE can make us unhappy. No wife, no husband, no ex-girlfriend, no ex-boyfriend, no friends, no family, NO ONE can make us unhappy. We have always been the ONLY one who can cause our own suffering our own unhappiness because it is always our reaction to the circumstances that dictates whether we feel happy or not.
It’s never what happens or who happened it’s how we handle it. it’s also who we have or don’t have in our lives because we cannot have a healthy relationship until we know that our happiness cannot be given to us by someone else.
We don’t expect people to lose weight for us so why would we expect people to make us happy?
We’ve got to do it ourselves. It’s perfectly normal to feel unhappy to feel affected by people and things but once we tune our mind to the fact our happiness is not out there somewhere but in us we can easily let go and find our balance again. Nobody can make us happy but you can always always always make yourself happy.
Be happy always.




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