Winfield’s Love for Life Touched Many Family and Friends

Winfield O'Donald

Winfield O’Donald Lovell was born on the 3rd March, 1946. He was the son of the late Beresford and Helena Lovell. Most of us knew him as Red Ants or Greymule. Winfield attended the St. John Primary School in his early years. He was later employed by the Barbados Sanitation Service Authority.

He worked there for a number of years until 4th September, 2003 when he became involved in an accident on the job which cost him his left hand. Winfield was a strong willed individual who never let anything keep him from living his life how he saw fit.



This was especially noted because even when he lost his hand it never stopped him from carrying out his regular daily activities for himself. He continued to wash, cook and clean for himself and even when anyone attempted to offer help he would refuse and say “I good, yuh uncle don’t need any help”.

He was a lover of many recreational activities. Cricket and dominoes, which he played for Sandra’s Bar, and having a drink with family or friends were the top of his list. Whenever or wherever cricket was playing, Winfield was sure to be in the spectator’s bench. This was usually followed by a strong drink and some good food, especially pork chops or fried chicken, to be enjoyed amongst his friends. Winfield or Grey as most of us called him loved to tease.

He would sometimes make some biting comments towards his nieces and nephews, often causing them to get angry, and then he would often be seen laughing his heart out when they responded angrily. He could be angry with you now and the next hour, be laughing and talking like nothing ever upset him.

He was a giving man, as many people can speak of the numerous times that he would spend his money buying just about any and every thing for anyone. He started to lose confidence in himself in January of 2016 when he willingly admitted himself to the New Dawn Nursing Home.



I know this must have been a hard task for him because he was also a very proud man. Even after living away from home, Winfield still tried to maintain his independence and fun loving personality by going on frequent outings with family and friends away from the Nursing Home. However, as we all knew, Winfield was ailing and soon became very ill. As a result, he departed from us on Friday, 27th April, 2018.

Winfield leaves to mourn his brothers and sisters: Thelma Butcher, Cynthia Lovell Pinder (UK), Victor Lovell (USA), Gloria and Oneal Lovell. His many nieces, nephews and cousins will miss him dearly especially those who lived in Church View with him. Winfield, Red Ants, Grey…you have gone to a better place…until we meet again. We all love and will remember you. REST IN PEACE.